for industrial plants

Have all occurring events and sensor data of your industrial plant recorded reliably and forgery-proof? - With BLACKBOX 4.0, this is possible in a convenient and efficient way.

Log all content and technical events regardless of the hardware used - forgery-proof thanks to block chain technology and searchable in real time via HMI touch panel.

The BLACKBOX 4.0 is easily integrated via standard interfaces like TCP, fieldbus, MQTT, REST or directly from the PLC control.

Machine operators are provided with the events on the system directly on any number of touch panels (HMIs) and can easily interact with the data there. 

Changes in production can thus be reacted to more flexibly and quickly, directly on site. This enhances quality assurance and helps to shorten downtimes in case of errors.


"Make your complex production data visible and directly usable for the people on site. 
This is Industry 4.0 too!"


Using the optional Log Analyser, the events can be additionally aggregated and processed or provided with alarms and notifications according to freely configurable rules.


Meet formal requirements for documentation, serialization and compliance. Appropriate reports and optional dashboards provide the necessary information for EU FMD compliant processes or internal monitoring at any time.


If required, the log entries in the black box can also be enriched with image material from cameras. Our camera adapter enables the easy integration of smart GigE / GenICam as well as standard USB and IP cameras.

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