Easy integration into existing environments

We supply our hardware and software in different versions, which are aligned to the needs of our customers. This flexibility promotes efficient integration into different production environments.

Preconfigured industrial PC

The software is delivered pre-installed on an industrial PC configured by us. The available hardware options range from very compact to server class. All IPCs are operated with 24V, are IPC 20 certified and suitable for control cabinets. In addition to the tracking software, a real-time PLC runs on the PC, which can communicate directly with sensor hardware via bus couplers and terminal blocks.



  • Plant control and tracking software remain physically separate. The interface to the tracking system can be easily and unambiguously defined as a signal flow diagram and circuit diagram.

  • Application-specific components such as industrial cameras and scanners can be connected directly to the tracking system. This relieves the machine control and simplifies programming.

  • The tracking system supports all industrial standards I/O, serial, fieldbus, Ethernet independent of the machine controller. This simplifies system integration.

HMI Touch Panel


Usually we supply our own operating terminals that are directly connected to the tracking system. For smaller applications the tracking system can also be operated directly on the panel PC. In this case, communication with the plant control system takes place via Industrial Ethernet or TCP/IP.


  • Low space requirement

  • Clear system separation

  • No intervention in the existing HMI implementation necessary

  • Customized user interface

  • HTML5 integration with existing components possible


Cloud Computing


For applications with very large data volumes! We also offer our software as a cloud solution as a simple retrofit variant or as a cross-location integration solution.



  • Simple scalability. More memory? More processing power? Just give us a call and we will expand your package accordingly.

  • Security: the data is stored in multiple protected data centers and is permanently protected against unauthorized access and manipulation.

  • On request, we offer end-to-end encryption and block chain technology for the highest security requirements.



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