Software modules for special machine construction

The wheel does not always have to be completely reinvented!
In our software portfolio you will find proven basic modules for frequent requirements on special machines. Based on these, individual solutions can be developed quickly and qualitatively.

Real Time Data Aggregation

Continuous statistics on high-frequency data? No problem with our aggregation module.

Our highly optimized code processes up to 150,000 data points per second on standard hardware and provides aggregated data with up to 10 dimensions for visualization.



  • Statistics in real time

  • Edge technology, pre-processing is done close to the data source

  • Reduced bandwidth for transmission

  • Greatly reduced volume for long-term storage

  • Extremely fast visualization thanks to precalculated data


Real Time Data Processing

Filtering, normalization, enrichment and combination of real time data up to 100kHz is performed by our compute engine. You define the calculation logic via a graphical user interface and apply it to up to 100 channels in parallel.



  • Parameterizable at runtime

  • Easy to use front end

  • Combination of high-frequency time series data 

  • Time-synchronous combination of data from different sources

  • Compatible with our aggregation engine


Multi User Terminals /
Authorization Service

Our unique and proven authorization solution allows:

  • several simultaneous logins on one machine (e.g. to temporarily enable sensitive operations)

  • Simultaneous login of remote and local (with different permissions)

  • Simple login/logout at one terminal for the entire line/system

  • Audit trail for all login and operating procedures

  • Combination with hard token (or key) authentication possible



  • Connection to Active Directory, LDAP or local user management

  • Interfaces to the authorization check for third-party systems 

  • physical signal output for activated authorization level

  • optional door monitoring / access control


Track & Trace database

Our Track & Trace database stores product tracking and quality data and replicates it in real-time to multiple redundant instances.

A full text index allows quick searches, e.g. for parts of the serial number, or raw material batch. With the intelligent filters, item lists and partial extracts can be created with one click. All data can be exported as CSV, PDF, XML or JSON.

Via numerous interfaces we import data from sensors, controllers and exchange data with MES and ERP systems.


The tracking data can include time, item and machine number as well as pictures, videos, quality parameters, fault messages or door opening data. 



  • Integrated serialization

  • Shift and lot management 

  • Accounting and billing function 

  • Integrated label printing 

  • PDF reports

  • Recording of sensor data, samples and photos and videos

  • Sampling function

  • Process interlocking optionally via I/Os


Industrial image processing

Perspective correction, overlays and exposure control to reduce reflections are just some of the features of our Industrial Imaging component. The recorded images and videos are compressed for long-term archiving, digitally signed and stored in our media database.


A comfortable user interface with search function allows viewing via touch terminals directly at the machine or from the office PC.



  • 3D transformation in real time (e.g. when recording via mirror)

  • Multiple exposures for reflection suppression

  • Special filter for filming LED displays

  • Highly efficient codecs

  • Display of measured values and process data

  • Digital signature


Special visualizations and HMI

A 3D visualization beyond the standard modular systems, a complex operating sequence or simply the right information at the right time and in the right place? Our individual HMI solutions are based on proven components that we can design and combine individually.



  • Graphical elements and animations

  • Integration of media (photos and videos)

  • Synchronization across multiple terminals

  • optional integration with apps for mobile devices

  • Charts and dashboards

  • Fast reaction (<100ms) to process events

  • robust HTML5 technology


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