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We develop software for industrial data processing. This includes database applications (e.g. for product tracking and quality management), modern user interfaces (Human Machine Interfaces / HMI) and classic real-time and control applications.

We can help with this

We offer everything from PLC programming, high-level language and database development to modern HTML5 interfaces or apps for mobile devices. Our established team consists of selected software engineers as well as experienced architects and project managers. Together we deliver highest quality within a reliable time frame.

Test Driven Development

In test-driven software development, automated test cases are implemented for each requirement. These tests run continuously in the background during development and ensure that every software change remains within the specifications and is compatible with the overall system.

For you as a customer this means a verifiable software quality, which results in very good reliability / robustness and expandability of the software.  Qualities that ensure long-term and economic success, especially in the industrial environment.

Iterative development - When things have to go fast

Our fast development process relies on rapid prototyping, an approach from agile software development. Since we mostly build on existing components, the first functional prototype is usually available early in the project. Together with our customers we use this prototype to check our common understanding of the development goals and to close existing specification gaps.

The result is a valuable software even before the start of pilot stage.

KISS - Keep it simple stupid

Due to the broad qualification of our team, we are comparatively free to choose which function we implement with which technology. Therefore we concentrate on choosing the simplest and most stable solution. Real-time elements are implemented in controller firmware or the PLC control, complex data manipulations are programmed directly in the database and everything that should be fast and ergonomic for usability is implemented as part of our front end code.

This reduces the number of interfaces and makes the software more efficient. For you this means more performance, more robustness and more usability.

Strong base

We have been involved in the development of database applications and software for special applications for 20 years. This experience is reflected in the software modules which are the basis for our development projects.

Our software modules are well tested solutions for a number of recurring problems. These include:

  • Track & Trace Algorithms
    Method for serialization, aggregation, runtime monitoring, number range management, labeling, data acquisition and reporting

  • Visualization
    Modules for dashboards, reports, live views, charts, graphics, video streams and reports

  • Databases
    Models for efficient processing, storage and analysis of very large data sets, evaluations, import and export interfaces and fast, interactive access, at any time and to all tracking data.

  • Machine vision
    Methods for recording image and video data, perspective correction, compression, reflection reduction, post-processing, feature recognition and image analysis

  • HMI (user interfaces)
    Alternative look and feel for touch handling (e.g. at machine terminals or for data acquisition with tablets or mobile devices) and classic mouse handling (e.g. office floor, for data analysis and reporting). Ultra-short reaction times between PLC and HMI, proven concepts for efficient access to large amounts of data even from smaller operator terminals. The most important information always remains in view. Easy to learn for the operating personnel. Increased safety.



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