Customized product tracking
and tracing

With our adaptable Track and Trace modules we realize your product tracking solution. We take over the conception, planning and implementation for your individual needs.

Track &Trace

With the appropriate Track and Trace solution, a digital twin can be used at any time to track the current status of each manufactured product or pre-product, which components or raw material batches were used to manufacture it and in which packaging unit (bundle, box, pallet) it is currently located.


Seamless product tracking along the entire supply chain allows quality problems to be quickly located and the costs of recalls to be reduced. In addition, the traceability of each individual product is an important prerequisite for meeting industry-specific requirements (e.g. the FMD in the pharmaceutical industry).

Serialization techniques

The key of product tracking is the unique identification of components and products through individual identification numbers. These are usually assigned sequentially from predefined number ranges and can also contain information about the place, time or processing line of manufacture.

Number ranges can be managed within the Track and Trace System; alternatively, number ranges can also be obtained from ERP or MES systems and from external sources.


The identification numbers are printed on the products (e.g. as text, barcode, data matrix or QRCode), but can also be stored on RFID chips. Alternatively, the tracking data of components can be linked to the transport container and transferred to the end product only after aggregation.

Scanners and cameras

The identification numbers are recorded at central points in the process by barcode readers or cameras and compared with the database data. As a rule, each identification number is read again immediately after application for checking purposes. Later in the process, the data is recorded at least where aggregation takes place, i.e. components are integrated, raw materials are combined or products are packed.

Our camera modules combine the identification techniques required for tracking with additional control functions. For example, we detect incomplete groupings, incorrect printed material for labels or position deviations.


In special applications we document selected process steps by means of pictures and videos with inserted tracking information. See also BLACKBOX 4.0

Event-driven data acquisition

With our process module every component and every product gets a digital twin. Whenever the product passes a measuring station, we enrich its data set with the recorded data (e.g. weight, temperature, tools used, quality data, pictures, ...). In this way, quality trends can be identified in real time and their cause can be assigned. 

Our system can obtain data synchronously or asynchronously directly from sensors and cameras; in addition, data can be imported from ERP or MES systems. Our module has a number of options and standard interfaces for transferring process data directly from the plant control system.


We support all common field bus protocols, I/O, OPC/UA, serial interfaces and Ethernet telegrams. For the connection of IT systems we use web services, database interfaces and file transfers.

For the communication with cameras and sensors we use among others analog/digital inputs (10/24V potential free connections), GigE, RS232/RS485 and Ethernet.


Our visualization module provides real-time representations of product flow, production efficiency and other key parameters. Additionally, reports can be generated as lists (CSV, XLS) or in structured formats (e.g. XML). PDF reports are used for documentation (e.g. after end of shift) and allow easy forwarding of (usually aggregated) information.

For compliance reporting, we transfer data synchronously or asynchronously to external systems. Optionally, a process interlock ensures that products are only released for transport after data backup has been performed.

Your application

We welcome new and unique requirements and are happy to work with your technicians to develop the optimal integration into your system. For OEM customers we also offer interesting functions for asset and fleet management. Please feel free to contact us.



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