Customized Track & Trace solutions
for industry and trade


We support the development of special machines with our software components and a lot of experience, 
to automate individual production processes in a modern and qualitative way.

Whether retrofitting or new design - we are familiar with the challenges of special machine construction 
and tested in dealing with different hard- and software technologies. 

The seamless tracking of each product through the entire supply chain tells you at any time which product has been processed or packaged, when, where and how.

During tracking, not only time and place, but also quality data and tool information are recorded. As a result, quality trends are quickly identified and can be specifically improved.

Together with you, we implement the optimal solution for your application, drawing on a large number of proven components.


Digitally map, extend and track products over their entire life cycle worldwide?  

We can.

The wheel does not always have to be reinvented!
We can fall back on a proven portfolio of flexible software components for special machinery and thus help with a fast and qualitative development.

Due to our experience in the area of Trac & Trace, we particularly offer robust components for machine-oriented real-time processing of large data volumes as well as their preparation and visualization via distributed touch HMIs.

If the wheel is to be reinvented after all, our well-established development team does not hesitate to take on any challenge.

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Blackbox 4.0 for the industry

Use the modular BLACKBOX 4.0 to efficiently guide your production system through the digital transformation.

Log all events on your production line, regardless of the hardware used - forgery-proof thanks to block chain technology and searchable in real-time via HMI touch panel.

Make complex events visible to everyone involved directly on site and automate post-processing and follow-up processes.



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