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With our modular track & trace solutions, we support production processes of virtually any kind, including the sensitive production of banknotes. Discover briefly and concisely a few key points about our product tracking.


With the ITS Track and Trace System, product flows can be recorded and tracked across different machines. The system supports the serialization, aggregation and commissioning of products, it can record throughput times and quality parameters and mark or eject products depending on predefined target values.

Integration is performed by the machine builder, who connects the preconfigured hardware components to its own control components using standard interfaces. Many sensors (e.g. scales, cameras or barcode readers) can be connected directly to the ITS modules installed in the control cabinet.

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The software consists of pre-engineered modules that are customized and extended to meet your specific needs. This reduces the planning and development effort and at the same time offers enough flexibility for special application scenarios.

Open and standardized interfaces support seamless line integration and offer unrestricted compatibility with existing machine and system components.


ITS offers space-saving modules for integration into existing packaging or production machines,
low space requirement in the control cabinet, connection via OPC UA, fieldbus or I/O, flexible file import and export modules, interfaces for integration into existing user interfaces.

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All of the recorded data is securely stored locally and (optionally) archived on external servers.

With Secure Cloud, ITS also offers an option for encrypted, audit-proof data storage in specially protected data centers.

Access to the data requires a hardware key that is only held by the customer. This means that neither we nor the data center can access the data without your intervention.


For high throughput in typical tasks such as serialization, aggregation and target/actual comparisons, the ITS control unit has a real-time module that communicates directly with the attached hardware.
ITS offers space-saving modules for integration into existing packaging or production machines.

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