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ITS Side Panel

The ITS Side Panel is an advanced industrial touch terminal that can be mounted parallel to the PLC control terminal on production lines. It handles tasks that are too complex for the PLC and are better managed directly at the machine rather than in the SCADA or ERP system.

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Key Features:


  • Monitoring and Documentation of Product Flow: The ITS Side Panel monitors and documents the flow of products through the production line in real-time.

  • Product Tracking: It enables seamless tracking of products throughout the entire production chain.

  • Quality Management: By capturing and analyzing quality data, the terminal helps ensure and improve product quality.

  • Documentation of Production and Packaging Processes: All relevant production and packaging processes are documented and archived in detail.

Communication Capabilities:

  • PLC: The ITS Side Panel communicates seamlessly with the PLC to exchange data and control processes.

  • User: The intuitive touchscreen interface allows operators to interact with the system quickly and efficiently.

  • Local ERP Systems: The terminal integrates easily with local ERP systems to ensure a consistent flow of information and efficient data processing.

Reliability and Security:


  • Fail-Safe Database: The ITS Side Panel features its own fail-safe database, guaranteeing secure storage and availability of all collected data.

Application Examples:


  • Automotive Industry: Monitoring and documenting the assembly process to ensure the quality of each vehicle part.

  • Food Production: Tracking and controlling the production flow to ensure compliance with hygiene standards and quality norms.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Documentation and quality management in the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals to meet strict regulatory requirements.

  • Packaging Industry: Real-time monitoring and documentation of packaging processes to optimize efficiency and reduce errors.

The ITS Side Panel is the ideal solution for companies seeking a flexible, powerful, and user-friendly way to monitor and control their production processes. It combines the advantages of direct machine control with the power of modern IT systems, making a significant contribution to production efficiency and quality assurance.

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