Digital Twin

Seamless product tracking during production is an important part of industrial production and quality control. During processing, numerous data (such as weight, dimensions, raw material batches or tool data) are collected and digitally linked to the individual piece. Thus, a digital twin is gradually created for each product. 

For the management and gradual enrichment of the digital twins, we use powerful database systems that can be operated directly on the line on a Beckhoff IPC. The IPC technology meets industrial standards and allows us to integrate seamlessly with the plant control system as well as with the process control computers and ERP systems.

The data stored in the digital file for each individual product can be used in real time for process control. During process interlocking, we check at defined points in the process whether the product data record has been marked in earlier processing stages (e.g. because dimensional tolerances were not met or for sampling purposes). If this is the case, the product is automatically rejected.

The temporal and spatial decoupling of measurement and ejection offers the advantage that the ejection can take place at a central point. The results of asynchronous tests (such as the analysis of camera data or the comparison with third-party systems) can also be included in the product flow control without having to reduce the cycle rate.

A further advantage is that random samples can be planned in advance, e.g. to determine a certain coverage per raw material batch or semi-finished product variant. The tracking system then identifies the affected products regardless of the line on which they are processed. This ensures a consistent data basis for statistical evaluation.


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