Development of individual HMI solutions

A 3D visualization, a complex operating sequence or simply the right information at the right time and in the right place?

We develop HMI solutions based on proven components that we can design and combine individually.

Always all information in view

Modern operating terminals can do more than simply interacting with a machine. Rather, multiple, distributed and networked terminals can visualize all the data occurring within a production in real time and make it available to users in their preferred language. Directly on site or from remote if required. In this way, complex correlations within production can be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted quickly and data-driven.

"Production monitoring in real time from remote, with the same user interfaces as on site? 
No problem with the HMIs from ITS!"

When developing HMI solutions, we rely on modern and robust web technologies in combination with industry standard touch displays. This approach not only simplifies the display on additional mobile devices, but also enables the rapid integration of graphic elements, animations, media (photos and videos, camera streams), charts and dashboards.


Quality through test-driven development

During development, we build on proven basic components, which accelerates development, and our Test Driven development process ensures the quality of the surface and especially its reliability and robustness. Fast reaction times of < 100ms to process events are just as natural to us as contemporary usability.

Multi User Terminals

Our unique and field-tested authorization solution allows

  • several simultaneous logins on one machine (e.g. to temporarily activate sensitive operations)

  • Simultaneous login of remote and local (with different permissions)

  • Simple login/logout at one terminal for the entire line/system

  • Audit trail for all login and operating procedures

  • Combination with hard token (or key) authentication possible



  • Connection to Active Directory, LDAP or local user administration

  • Interfaces to the authorization check for third-party systems 

  • Physical signal output for activated authorization level

  • Optional door circuit monitoring / pull



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