Solutions for special machinery construction

We support the development of special machines with our software components and a lot of experience. 
Whether retrofitting or new conception - we help with the up-to-date automation of individual production processes.

Challenges in special machine construction

Special machines are as individual as the production processes in which they are used. Their development and realization requires the safe handling of different hardware and software technologies in order to meet the special requirements. 

"With which camera can the packaging process be filmed via a mirror, the video stream can be rectified in perspective and, despite high throughput, documented in real time in a forgery-proof manner? Is a smart camera necessary? Is access via GigE and which software component controls the access?"

At the same time, the quality requirements are very high, because later machine failures quickly cause enormous costs in running productions. The targeted, qualitative development of a reliable special machinery therefore requires the continuous and close involvement of clients, technology experts, developers, plant designers, production managers and other stakeholders in the development process. A complex development project is quickly created, which ties up a lot of internal resources and requires technical infrastructure. At this point we can support you with our solution modules.



The wheel does not always have to be reinvented!
Real Time Data Processing, Real Time Data Aggregation, Track and Trace Database,

Industrial image processing

Human Machine Interface


Make industry 4.0 data directly visible and usable in real time Everywhere where they are needed


Implementation of purposeful development processes with appropriate methodologies and infrastructures. Agile, Testdriven, CI Pipeline... 


From project support in industry 4.0 and digital transformation to concrete technology questions, we are happy to assist you


Robust technology

Especially in the field of special purpose machines, reliability, robustness and safety play an important role in the development of hardware and software solutions. In addition to the general software quality, which we ensure through our development processes, we also pay special attention to practice-relevant issues such as 

  • Continuation after power failure (resumption of operations after a power failure thanks to integrated UPS)

  • Compensation of network failures (Automatic transfer attempts until data has been successfully transferred. Optional re-routing to alternative destinations in the network)

  • Replication and archiving (optionally local or remote)

  • Information security (encrypted communication, digital signatures, finely granular rights system, audit trails and optional "data at rest" encryption)

  • Authentication via hardware tokens (optionally several hardware tokens / keys can be requested for operations)

  • Finely granular authorization levels (authorizations for certain operations including the possibility of temporary exceptions by e.g. shift leaders)

Technology Know How

Our software modules and customized solutions rely on the following technologies, among others, in order to be able to act efficiently and close to the hardware: 

  • PLCS and hardware protocols (digital I/O, EtherCAT, ProfiNet, ModBUS, RS 232/485, GigE, OPC/UA, TCP sockets)

  • Application protocols: SFTP, SMB, MQTT, Syslog (TCP), HTTPS / REST (web services), ODBC, NTP, Active Directory / LDAP)

  • Data formats: XML, JSON, CSV,, Binary

  • Container based service architectures (Except for PLCS), optional for data persistence / databases

  • Tracking System ( PLCS (EN 61131-3), C# / .NET Core, React / HTML 5, Docker, PostgreSQL)

  • For expansion modules: (Java, Python, Go, Swift, D3 / JavaScript, Docker)


We are happy to advise you on specific questions regarding these technologies or on the integration of hardware drivers and exotic hardware. Please contact us!


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