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The Way Forward is The New Normal – Industry 4.0

In 11/2019 (until today), the world got confronted with the most serious health crisis in recent history à COVID-19, followed by an economic downturn, during which companies across different industries around the entire globe were forced into extraordinary measures to protect their staff and uphold their operations. Companies from different industry sectors in different geographic regions faced different scenarios: while some managed to keep their operations running in the face of raw material shortages, others struggled to keep up with the sudden spike in demand, while all suffered from logistics issues.

The question that comes to mind is: Did Industry 4.0 help those companies in their efforts?

It became apparent (backed up by recent studies by Deloitte, Mc Kinsey, BCG) that companies that had scaled Industry 4.0 use cases prior to COVID-19 found themselves better positioned to respond to the COVID-19 crisis.

Industrial Tracking Systems Inc. (in short: ITS) is an innovative technology company from Germany with over 15 years of experience in developing big data and industrial applications for both SMEs and MNCs globally, focussed on the industrial sector including manufacturing, construction, and energy.

We offer an integrated approach so to meet your every expectations and help you evolve your business, accelerate through technology, and thus deliver value to your business in this evolving digital economy. We would like to help you achieve optimal results, and design, develop and launch the critical capabilities required for your business to accomplish that.

Contact the author for more information regarding our already existing solutions i.e. digitalization of production processes, digital twins, product tracking & tracing, quality assurance, and/or a free evaluation of either the progress of your digital transformations, or your company’s short-term optimization potential on the path to digital transformation.

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